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Posted: 2012-05-10 in Uncategorized
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Had an interesting assortment of customers today…One of them nearly shat himself and told me, rather excitedly, that the board pictured above was the ULTIMATE board for sliding.  He then proceeded to enthusiastically rant about how Loaded Longboards had flex to catapult into a slide.  He didn’t use the word “catapult,” but the sentiment was there.  Then, the guy proceeded to tell me about the sweet deal he got on a board he built off of Ebay.  All of his parts from Ebay were Chinese knockoffs, including the deck itself.  He paid nearly $300.  Now, the “real” deck and “real” parts are right around $250 from any respectable skate dealer.

We had another odd couple as well.  Two brothers, one in his mid- to late-20’s and the other around 13 or 14.  They were the absolute biggest “bros” I have ever seen.  The 20’s guy plunks his board up on our counter and says “I need new bearings.  These rattle when I roll on the street.”  He was riding a SoulArc, with some super expensive bearings and generic Sector9 wheels.  I threw a protective mat on the counter, to avoid scratches, and tugged at a wheel.  Much to my chagrin, it moved about a quarter inch each way.  So, I tightened all his bearings and told him that there’s no reason whatsoever that a wheel should ever be that loose on a skateboard truck.  He jumped on the board again, in the store, and said that it still rattled.  Now, if you look at the board, you can see a huge fiberglass arc on the bottom…My best guess was that the fiberglass was popping a little, by the hardware.

His little brother plunked his Razor scooter up on our counter as soon as his big bro took his board down.  Little bro was going on about how he bought Bones Swiss bearings for his scooter (why the hell you’d spend more on bearings than the scooter is beyond me) and they needed to be tightened, so he was going on and on about how he needed a 7mm “scooter key.”  After a little translation of the Bro-ish language, I was able to decipher that he needed a hex wrench…But,we only had 1.  So, I couldn’t help him.

Now, Big Bro and Little Bro apparently didn’t know how a conversation went because they both kept talking over each other.  They both smelled strongly of smoke.  Anyway, it wasn’t really bad…I was just astounded at the high level of bro-ism between the two.  I felt like I was swimming in the brocean with Broseiden.

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