That is SO 90’s, bro

Posted: 2012-05-27 in Uncategorized
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Something that really irked me about working yesterday was the number of comments about the 90’s I got, regarding the video that was playing on the DVD Player.  Being a history nerd, and a skateboard nerd, I found it incredibly hard not to slap anybody who had made those comments. 

Anybody who knows anything about skateboarding can tell you the vast differences between 1980’s skating and 1990’s skating…In the early 90’s, skateboarding evolved into what we have today, in the technical fliptricks, street-oriented skating, and symmetrical “popsicle stick” board shapes.  The clothing was different…gone were the neon colors of the 80’s, and in were the baggy pants and shirts.  The whole attitude was different in the 90’s as well.  It became less about sanctioned events, competitions, and skateparks and became all about doing whatever, whenever, wherever.  Most of the changes were due in large part to World Industries and their raping of the skate industry, for better or for worse.  Skate videos in the 80’s had lots of long, flowy street scenes, a’la Natas Kaupas in Streets on Fire and Wheels of Fire, or huge vert scenes a’la The Search For Animal Chin.  The 90’s focused a lot more on “bangers” and shorter, more compact video parts.  So yes, there are TONS of differences.

Speaking of Animal Chin, that’s actually the topic of my rant today.  AC was on the DVD player.  For those that don’t know, AC is pretty much THE iconic skate video of the 80’s.  Ask anyone about skating in the 80’s, and Animal Chin will probably come up in the conversation.  That’s why the comments I got yesterday about AC being “So 1990’s” really bugged the shit out of me.  Part of it is the historical connotations, but the big part is the huge amount of narcissism in longboarding today.  I’ve seen it all over forums, and quite a bit in the shop as well.  People conveniently forget the 40 years of skateboarding that happened before they bought a longboard and think they’re awesome, hot shit, for making this new “revolutionary” trick or idea that’s already been done.  Going back to the Educated Idiots post, it seems to be these guys who are the worst about narcissism.  There are many frustrated blogs about bad shop owners who don’t know jack shit about anything, but I’ve read a great number of those, and try to improve my customer service based on the shortcomings of others.  Many an Educated Idiot will walk in and assume that I know absolutely nothing about longboarding whatsoever, and that they’re the second coming of Biker Sherlock or something.  I’ve actually gotten quite a few comments about how a customer’s friend is “sponsored by, like, 4 different companies,” or that the friend is “like, the Tony Hawk of longboarding.”  I understand the 13-21 year old male demographic is quite jock-ish and self-centered, just based on the age and hormones and stuff, but when it’s taken to an Educated Idiot level, it’s frustrating as hell.  I’m just trying to do my job, making customers happy with what they walk out with, but this breed of Educated Idiot refuse to be happy with anything I tell them.  So, when an Educated Idiot comes in and blatantly talks shit about some very important piece of skateboard history, I can’t help but be quite irritated.


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