There’s no such thing as a stupid question…

Posted: 2012-06-03 in Uncategorized
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But there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.  I was reminded of a scene from the movie Clerks a few times this weekend.  You know the one, where Dante and Randal are arguing over who gets the worst customers.  Kind of a counter-point to the Educated Idiot, the Cluelessly Curious Customer has absolutely no idea what they want from anything, and expect me to give them the best board for bombing, sliding, carving, pumping, humping, jumping, dancing, skancing, prancing, bombing, sliding, and carving…all for a price of about half their actual budget.  It’s not that they have no idea what they want, they just want something that’s impossible to deliver:  the mythical do-it-all board that looks killer and costs $50.

A sort of sub-set of the Cluelessly Curious Customer is the kids who come in and pester me mercilessly with questions.  It wouldn’t be so bad if people took a second to look at something.  For example, the kid this weekend who stood right next to our accessory wall (with prices clearly marked on everything) and asked how much everything cost.  I don’t have the entire wall memorized, so I tried to (very obviously) look at the price tag, in hopes that he got the hint that all the prices were RIGHT THERE.  Then, he asked what kind of hats we have.  I pointed upward at our hat rack, but he wanted to know exactly what kinds of hats we had in store RIGHT NOW.  He actually made me read off every single hat we had, just so he could guarantee we weren’t hiding anything from him.

Another Cluelessly Curious Customer apparently thought we were hiding “the good stuff” from him in the basement or back room or something.  He was flat-out convinced that we had a stash of Landyachtz boards hidden away somewhere, because his friend had purchased a Landy board from us earlier this spring.  He actually pulled me aside and asked in a hush-hush tone if this was all the longboards we had.  Apparently other shops have a “back room” full of  “the good stuff.”  For the record, we don’t.

Along those same lines, we had another Cluelessly Curious ask if this was all the longboards we had…as he pointed toward one rack we have of Z-Flex boards.  Nevermind the 6 other racks we have that are FULLY STOCKED WITH LONGBOARDS.

Otherwise, it was quite a slow weekend.   Bad weather kept people off the streets, so sales were not very good.  I almost couldn’t think of a topic to blog about today!  But, such is life.

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