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Skateboarding, as a whole, is a largely teenage sport.  Not many teenagers have a ton of expendable income, especially in a job market like we have now.  As a result, we do get quite a few parents in buying stuff for their kids’ birthdays, graduations, allowances, etc.  There are three distinct groups of parents:  Those who are genuinely stoked on getting their kid an awesome present, those who are rich and throwing their money around, and those that just don’t get it.

The genuinely stoked parents are my favorite to serve.  They honestly, truly care about getting what’s right for their kid.  They’re normally not out to buy a particular brand name, they just want to get their kid on the best board possible.  They’ll ask questions in a non-condescending manner, and are grateful for any help I can give them.  We’ve had quite a few of these fine folks in, so I honestly can’t think of any specific stories.  But, the genuinely stoked parent transcends longboarding and skateboarding, and fits neatly into both groups.  It is really fun talking to a genuinely stoked parent who has a skateboarding history; hearing their tales of skating, what kind of boards they had, stuff like that.

The rich money throwers are among the worst.  They’re rarely genuinely stoked, except for getting the most expensive board possible for their kid.  Wilhelm and Esposito were examples of kids of the rich money throwers.  We apparently had a rich money thrower in last weekend, buying one of his kids a Penny board…He showed back up this weekend to complain about a blown-out bearing.  I told him that honestly, with the thousands of Penny boards that are sold, there are gonna be a few lemons.  He was quite irritated when I told him to just send the company an email.  But, he wound up actually buying another board for his other kid…still quite disgruntled.

Those that just don’t get it are a unique group.  They’re usually 30 to 40, have teenage kids, and sometimes think they know everything.  They’re the type that look at the Penny boards and say “Oh, I had one of those as a kid,” then begin inquiring about why we sell ’em.  But, more often than not, they’ll just set their kid loose on me.  Which is fine, don’t get me wrong.  But, their kids are often Inquisitive Idiots.  Again, that’s normally not bad, but there’s a weird hybrid of Rich Money Throwers and Those That Just Don’t Get It that are 110% in it for the fashion.  It seems that they’re living vicariously through their kids, buying them the most expensive trendy objects they can, even though neither the parents nor the kids have a clue what’s going on.

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