The ebbs and flows of social media.

Posted: 2012-11-27 in Uncategorized

I touched on the impact of social media in a previous post. I’d just like to comment that one of the first skate forums I was ever on,, is closed forever.

Rage in peace, bros!

  1. […] September 21, 2017, the website went dark.  It’s not the first skateboard forum to go bye-bye, and it won’t be the last.  But, I’ll be honest, it was hard for me.  I […]

  2. […] an odd resurgence in the skateboard world.  After forums have maked and breaked our beloved sport of skateboarding, Facebook took it over.  Skaters sought not good, solid information, but rather, […]

  3. […] Machine T-Sect bearings were recommended to me on the old forums at where they were promised to be quicker than Reds, and can take abuse very well.  While casual […]

  4. […] part of my internet browsing…it’s a very laid-back, relaxed, somewhat dead website now (no, it’s completely gone). It’s mostly filled with teenagers, but there are a handful of 20somethings, and […]

  5. […] of skateboard forums, chock full of information and real-world user reviews.  I signed up for in December of 2006, in January 2007, and Silverfishlongboarding in February of 2007.  It was […]

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