I hate bearings

Posted: 2012-12-15 in Uncategorized

Mostly I hate the hype around ABEC ratings.  As I posted in a previous passage, ABEC don’t mean shit.  Sure, it’s logical that a higher ABEC rating should be faster, but I’m not of the salesman type that’s gonna tell a customer that a Lucky Abec7 is faster than a non-rated Bones Red.  And, I hate being put in that position when a customer asks which bearing is fastest.  I usually point ’em toward our blank shop bearings or Bones Reds, just for simplicity’s sake.  But when they argue (see “Perpetual Arguers”), I usually fold and find the biggest ABEC number in our cabinet…just because “the customer is always right” or whatever that saying is.

That’s not saying bearings don’t make a difference…but lil’ Jonny with his first Penny board isn’t going to set any landspeed records with Bones Swiss versus OEM Greaseballs.  Those skaters that will notice a difference in bearings won’t have to ask me what the difference actually is.

  1. […] Tektons are faster than Abec11’s Biltins, a point reiterated in Toy Machine T-Sect.  But, in I Hate Bearings, the point is made that if you have to ask if a bearing will make you faster, the answer is […]

  2. […] absolutely right – ABEC rating doesn’t matter.  But, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t seek quality when buying bearings.  Stick […]

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