Another stoked old guy!

Posted: 2013-06-02 in Uncategorized
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As I mentioned in my Parents post, some middle-age folks are really cool to deal with.  The coolest are the Stoked Old Guys.

So, a guy came into the shop, who looked kinda like John Cardiel (and talked like him too, minus all the sporadic swearing).  The Stoked Old Guy (SOG) threw his board up on the counter and started asking me about building up a new cruiser.  The board was an OG Powell/Peralta Tony Hawk:


I, of course, quickly snapped a picture, and began helping him.  He was looking for a reissue pig board, sort of an old-school board for him and his son to cruise around on.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have the board he was looking for, so we had to special order it for him.  Unfortunatelier, the one we got in wasn’t the right color.  Unfortunateliest, we couldn’t find the board he wanted from any of our distributors.

But, he was absolutely cool as hell, and was very impressed at all the random tidbits of knowledge I had about old-school skateboarding.  I even shared a few links with him.

  1. […] Lords Of Dogtown debuted in 2005, in the swirling flotsam of a bunch of stoked old guys getting together and forming all these skate sites and forums that we all grew to love (Mile High […]

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