Hi Kids, I’m A Bushing

Posted: 2018-03-20 in Skate Diagrams, Uncategorized
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  1. […] their own opinions validated.  They sought Instagram glory over discussing wheels, bearings, and bushings ad nauseum.  And yet, there were holdouts.  There were those among us who shunned the […]

  2. […] as shown in the Bushing and Wheel posts, is a complex compound made up of chains of molecules.  It’s the result of a […]

  3. […] what the heck happened when I changed ’em.  Basically, this article serves to paraphrase the Hi Kids, I’m A Bushing article from my own […]

  4. […] has a LOT of residual energy in the wheel.  With Urethane, as noted in one of the “Hi Kids” articles, you’ve got compression and rebound.  Compression, in a wheel, is how soft the […]

  5. […] (in urethane production) take longer to set up, which affects those molecular chains seen in the Bushing and Wheel posts.  As a result, white or natural wheels grip just a little harder and rebound just […]

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