Abec11 NoSkoolz, 65mm, 96a

Posted: 2019-03-27 in Gear Reviews

Great slide wheel, if nothing else. I found them awkward for cruising, and not really good for much else…until, on a whim, i put them on my slider. and the rest, as they say, is history


Equipment Review

How long have you ridden them?

5 months

What Setup are you running them on?

various slide setups…earthwing 38″ with indys, and now faltown with indy 215’s

Typical Discipline?


How much did you pay for them?

got them on a complete A sweet Ray Bones Rodriguez with Indy 169’s and Toy Machine T-Sect bearings!

Where did you buy them?

RIT music, holland MI

What are their weaknesses?

they’re just kinda mediocre for pretty much everything. loud when you’re just cruising, theyr’e kinda gummy when you’re doing tricks. a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none type of wheel

What are their strengths?

when you break them into sliding, they’re REALLY fast and controllable. if earthwing slide a’s feel “glassy”, then noskoolz feel really fluid. a little more controlled, but you can really pinpoint any slide you try.

What similar equipment have you ridden?

Earthwing Slide A’s, Spitfire Numero Uno wheels

Would you recommend them?

92, 94, 96, and 98a NoSkoolz were a staple of early downhill sliding.  Hard Abec11 Classic urethane, especially in a symmetrical, round-lipped shape, slides like glass.  When Earthwing dropped their Slide A’s in 2006, those became the de-facto wheel, and every other manufacturer was caught playing catch-up…Abec11 fought back with their Park Plus Invertz, Gravity was still fight on with their Super Sliders and Snaps, and I think Lush out of the UK had some wheels.  Anyway, except for some small pockets of techsliders (like those NorCal weirdos that use Hoppes #9 on their bearings), NoSkoolz fell widely out of favor.  Fun bit of trivia though:  The shape of the Abec11 NoSkoolz were based on the shape of Chris Chaput’s pro model wheel from the 70’s, the Bel Air Lip Bomb.


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