Dregs Race

Posted: 2019-03-27 in Gear Reviews
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I bought it to emulate the rides of the Gravity Games, and it does that very well. It’s definitely not a large, fast freeride board, so don’t buy it if you’re expecting something like that. The board is what it is, and that’s a low-speed techy board, and it really does that like a champ.

Hey, I learned to type, spellcheck, and properly capitalize my words!


Longboard Review

How long have you ridden the board

One year

What is your setup like?

Randal DH trucks, Krypto 65mm wheels I modified the Randal DH trucks with their 50 degree carving baseplates, and tossed on some Abec11 Flashbacks

Typical Session Discipline

bike path bombing, freeriding

How much did you pay?


Where did you purchase it?

RIT Music, Holland Michigan

What were the strengths of the deck.

Light and nimble…Definitely designed for a different style of riding than is popular today, but feels great under foot. Very stiff, as well…You lean, and it turns.

What were the weaknesses?

Narrow at the front; somewhat weird truck placement, so it is easy to get wheelbite sometimes.

Similar decks you have ridden?

Kebbek Revenger, custom Presque Longboards topmount

Would you recommend it?

I bought a new-old-stock version of this board from RIT, which was what was reviewed above.  But, a few years later when I was actually working at RIT, Dregs went bankrupt, and I was able to purchase a 3-board collection from the auction, including a Dregs Race ridden by Dane VanBommel on NBC’s Gravity Games in 2002.  Despite having an identical truck and wheel setup to the new one from RIT, the Dregs Auction one seems more reluctant to turn, as though maybe the wheelbase had been altered for Dane.  There were some unrequited rumors floating around the internet that this board, the Dregs Alpine, the Sector9 Race, the Sector9 Goddess Of Speed, the Sector9 Bombhills, and the Arbor Vugenhausen were pressed in the same molds, and had the same concave.  I can’t confirm this, though I can confirm that Sector9 and Arbor had the same mailing address, and that the owners of Sector9 and Dregs were brothers-in-law (Rest in peace, Biker Sherlock), so there’s probably some validity to the claim.

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