RocknRon’s Ballistech Rocket Bearings

Posted: 2019-03-27 in Gear Reviews

Great bearings for the price, IMO they’re better quality than reds (and i love my reds)


Equipment Review

How long have you ridden them?

2 years

What Setup are you running them on?

many different setups

Typical Discipline?

slalom, DH, cruising

How much did you pay for them?


Where did you buy them?


What are their weaknesses?

labyrinth seal makes it hard to clean properly…they develop a funny creaking sound sometimes

What are their strengths?

great bearings, noticably quicker than reds, great roll speed, and they have a labyrinth seal which means less cleaning for you!

What similar equipment have you ridden?

reds, speedy lunatics

Would you recommend them?


These were a rare bearing, sold exclusively through Milehighskates by Rock’n’Ron on the MHS Pricepoint completes.  These are also the bearings that I owned that were ruined by Skanunu Cleaner/Lube.  If any fat, angry, Canadians try to tell you that these were NOT made by Rockin Ron, tell him to check out on the Internet Wayback Machine on sometime around 2008.  Throughout the years, I’ve come to realize that bearings can make a substantial difference under specific circumstances, but it’s really not worth obsessing over like some people want to.

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