Earthwing Superglider

Posted: 2019-03-28 in Gear Reviews
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Excellent board


it’s hard to compare this board because i haven’t ridden a board like it. it feels like a shortboard, but rides and turns like a longboard


Longboard Review

How long have you ridden the board

6 months

What is your setup like?

tracker rts/x 149, 81a abec11 gumballs, rock’n’ron skyrocket bearings, 4 deg wedge risers

Typical Session Discipline

commuting, mild DH

How much did you pay?


Where did you purchase it?

used from silverfish

What were the strengths of the deck.

lightweight, very springy (but not mushy), functional kicktail

What were the weaknesses?

concave is a little weird at first, it feels a LOT like a shortboard

Similar decks you have ridden?


Would you recommend it?

This board was the last version of their thermoplastic layup, before they moved to a Fiberlam layup.  And, mine was in the uber-rare red finish!  This was another I regret getting rid of, and have been chasing the guy down since I sold it to try and buy it back.  I had it set up for long-distance pumping, with Tracker Racetracks and Abec11 Zigzags (before changing to Orangatang 4presidents).  I can’t emphasize how comfortable this board was to ride – the flex was springy and lively, and not floppy or dead.  It soaked up imperfections in the road like none other, and was very clearly designed with street skating in mind.  It was definitely olliable before that was a desirable trait in longboards, and had all the right pockets for distance pushing.  My wife loved this board so much that she was a little upset when I sold my 2006 model, but I made it up to her by buying her the last one on Milehighskates before they closed up in 2012.

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