Faltown 3.2

Posted: 2019-03-28 in Gear Reviews
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As i alluded to earlier, the ends are flared and have a spoon-type concave to REALLY lock your feet in…the “waist” of the board is about 9″ wide, and the ends flare to 10″.


Longboard Review

How long have you ridden the board

a little over a month

What is your setup like?

indy 215’s, spitfire shortboard numero uno wheels, speedy lunatic bearings

Typical Session Discipline


What were the strengths of the deck.

very unique shape, really locks your feet in where you need it. it’s got a stiff construction, so it doesn’t feel floppy like the earthwing drifter sometimes does.

What were the weaknesses?

due to the flared ends, the board basically needs 180mm trucks…and it’s assymetric, so there’s definitely a “Front” and a “Back”

Similar decks you have ridden?

Earthwing Drifter 38″, blank 34″ poolboard

Would you recommend it?


Straight outta Falmouth, United Kingdom came this Faltown 3.2 Slider!  This was a cool fuckin’ board, with a very unique shape:  Whereas a normal board has even concave throughout the length of the board, the Faltown had hemispherical or spoon-shaped concave on the nose and tail, where your feet would go.  It still had a functional nose and tail, and pockets where the concave transitioned to those kicks, but I can’t describe the 3 dimensional shape where your feet sat…No matter how your feet fell before, during, or after a slide, you were locked in securely without having to use shoe-shredding griptape.  This board was a vital part of my growth as a longboarder, but I can’t say that I regret selling it.  I was in a place when I bought it where I was pissed off and sour at the ‘mainstream’ American longboard market, and wanted to break out of the norms as much as I could.  That’s when I bought this uniquely British board, and right around when I began seeking out historical longboards (historical being a relative term, in this situation, meaning from about 1998 to 2004).

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