Road Rider 180’s

Posted: 2019-03-29 in Gear Reviews

For as much hype as these get, I’m quite disappointed. They’re very hard to dial in, won’t work on quite a few (drop-deck and dropthru) boards I’ve tried due to the axle placement, and seem to have a LOT more lean than even Randal DH’s. I’ll say that the pair that I have is supposedly a prototype set, so some of these issues may have been fixed, but I’m not very happy with them thus far. Maybe somewhere down the line, I’ll get ’em to work properly.


Equipment Review

How long have you ridden them?

8 months

What Setup are you running them on?

Various setups…They’ve been on a Sector9 doublekick, Earthwing Supermodel, Sector9 Race, and they’re currently on a Tunnel Comp

Typical Discipline?

Cruising to a freeride spot, then freeriding

How much did you pay for them?


Where did you buy them?


What are their weaknesses?

Horribly hard to dial in. I can’t tell you how hard I’ve worked trying to get these trucks to feel right…between swapping bushings, all types of bushing washers, even as far as changing boards. One thing’s clear: They’re good for topmounts. Apart from that, these trucks are an enigma to me.

What are their strengths?

Very nice casting, very clean appearance. They’re very well built.

What similar equipment have you ridden?

Randals, both 50 degree and 35 degree; Bear Grizzly 1052’s and 8 40/52’s/

Would you recommend them?

I can’t get over how clean and well-built these trucks are.  Everything about them screams “QUALITY!”  I threw in the towel on these trucks shortly after this review was written, but then revisited them a year or so later and got them dialed in good enough for cruising…but you can cruise on anything.  I wound up adding a little bit of wedging to the trucks, and going with some super soft bushings; the result is about a 50 degree kingpin angle that initiates turning quickly, but becomes stiffer and stiffer as you lean farther:  The perfect setup for carving.  Because of the increasing stiffness (with my Abec11 bushings), it’s solid underfoot for pushing as well.  These really need some speed to come alive, and I’m an old, out-of-shape poseur and haven’t really ever gone fast enough to get these up to their full potential.

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