Seismic Blastwaves

Posted: 2019-03-29 in Gear Reviews

Awesome drift, very fast urethane, buuuuuut they cone and wear quickly and are a little (okay, a lot) on the pricey side


Equipment Review

How long have you ridden them?

a few months

What Setup are you running them on?

CLB eleanor, 40/52 grizzlies

Typical Discipline?


How much did you pay for them?


What are their weaknesses?

they cone rather quickly, and are quite cost prohibitive…although, this doesn’t stop people from buying otangs; just it seems that everybody has some beef with seismic wheels

What are their strengths?

amazing drift, high-quality urethane, quite fast

What similar equipment have you ridden?

flywheels are the most direct comparison…but also 76mm superballs and 85mm aqua hawgs

Would you recommend them?

Ah. Blastwaves.  Seismic’s drifty race wheel.  They might’ve been 78mm in diameter, but it’s been so long since I’ve ridden these that I don’t even remember anymore.  I remember being happy with them, and the review seems to reflect that, but I’ve simply ridden much more gear that was much more memorable, that any recollection of Seismic’s Blastwaves is fuzzy at best.  This isn’t a gear bias thing either, I’ve got no ill will towards Seismic or any of their associated brands, there’s just plenty of gear that suits my needs better than a high-performance race wheel, from plenty of brands I like to support more than I do Seismic.  It’s a great wheel, it’s just not what I personally need.


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