Toy Machine T-Sect

Posted: 2019-03-29 in Gear Reviews
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Great bearings, see my full review!


Equipment Review

How long have you ridden them?

’bout 6 months

What Setup are you running them on?

faltown slide deck, abec11 noskoolz, indy 215’s…but i have used them on an earthwing slider, and in parks

Typical Discipline?


How much did you pay for them?


Where did you buy them?

RIT music, holland MI

What are their weaknesses?

theyr’e a little more expensive than reds

What are their strengths?

Really smooth rolling, quick accelaration, they take abuse like none other…in fact, it seems like they get better and faster the more you abuse them.

What similar equipment have you ridden?

Bones Reds, Speedy LUnatics, Rock’n’rons Skyrockets

Would you recommend them?


Toy Machine T-Sect bearings were recommended to me on the old forums at where they were promised to be quicker than Reds, and can take abuse very well.  While casual longboarding doesn’t put the stresses of street and park skating on bearings, downhill racing and sliding have their own unique stressors.  Constantly rolling for minutes and hours (as opposed to a minute-or-two long run in a park or on the street) will increase wear and tear, and sliding puts all kinds of weird stresses on the inside and outside edges of bearings.  The first set of T-Sects I owned had a unique 2-piece nylon cage, but in later runs, they seemed to change to a standard single-piece crown that’s seen on nearly every other 608 bearing on the market.  Before I got into Tektons, T-Sects were my go-to for my dedicated slide rigs, because like Tektons, I noticed that T-Sects gave me a little more rollout speed on the end of a hill, and carried a little more momentum (than Reds, Speedy Lunatics, or Ballistech Rockets) through slides…and when you’re into hardwheel technical sliding, it’s not about the steepness of the hill, it’s about being long enough to maintain your speed into, through, and out of the slide.  T-Sects hold up to those side loads through the long-term, and each ride, they give a little more speed than other cheap bearings.

  1. […] going so far as to say that Tektons are faster than Abec11’s Biltins, a point reiterated in Toy Machine T-Sect.  But, in I Hate Bearings, the point is made that if you have to ask if a bearing will make you […]

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