Tunnel Comp Longboard

Posted: 2019-03-29 in Gear Reviews

It’s a fun, unique longboard made with a great modern construction. It does have a few faults, but what board doesn’t?


Longboard Review

How long have you ridden the board

2 years

What is your setup like?

Roadrider trucks, Element Ceramic bearings, Abec11 Retro Freerides. I’ve also tried it with Other Planet trucks.

Typical Session Discipline

Downhill carving, drifting some corners

How much did you pay?


Where did you purchase it?

Got it from the guy who did the reviewe below this one

What were the strengths of the deck.

Great shape! The same excellent construction that I’ve come to expect from Watson Laminates. The board has a very positive, engaging feel. It’s stiff, but not bone-jarring, and inspires a lot of confidence.

What were the weaknesses?

The spray-on grip is a little lax. Combine that with the rocker of the board and it can feel dicey when you’re doing the more intense styles of freeriding or downhill. Honestly, if the board were 1 ply thinner and allowed the rider to fully utilize the camber (ed. 2019) (to spring out of carves), it would be much better.

Similar decks you have ridden?

It’s hard to say…Loaded Dervish, Earthwing Superglider, maybe even the Gravity Hypercarve. It’s a very unique carving shape with a stiff feel…nothing else that I’ve ridden really compares.

Would you recommend it?

This is another cool bit of longboard history – back in the 70’s, the Tunnel skateboard team were quite prolific downhill racers.  In the early 2010’s, they adapted their signature downhill and slalom shape into a modern longboard.  This is the modern adaptation!  As mentioned in the review above, the camber feels a little weird underfoot, but you get used to it.  I would love to see this board with one less ply in the board, so the rider could really dig into the board and return some positive energy, but as it is, it’s a dampening flex like my CLB.  It’s a cool board, and even though I don’t ride it much, it’s one that I won’t get rid of.


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