Johnny Walker White Review

Posted: 2019-04-30 in Uncategorized

Another Whisky review!  Per the label, Johnny Walker’s White Walker is a blend of two different Scotches, and is designed to be served ice cold…It’s got the ol’ Coors Light thing where you pop it into the freezer and a hidden message shows up and lets you know it’s cold enough.  They say it’s to give you, the drinker, a more unique experience as the whisky warms up.  You don’t need a special blend of whisk(e)y to do that, but whatevs.

I didn’t have a proper Glencairn-style glass, just a cordial glass that looked like a tiny 2oz red wine glass, but it’s not that big of a deal.  I tend to prefer my whiskies out of a little more open of a glass.

Taking a gentle little whiff of the whisky, I was met with a heavy, dank sweetness…almost like hay or grass.  Not freshly mown, but just the sweetish, chlorophyll smell of a lot of vegetation in one area.  I took a sip and got a lot of spice.  The first little bit was a lingering tannic or leather sensation, something like you’d find in a burly red wine.  The spice and leather danced around each other, until I swallowed my sip.  Then, the spice hung around and left me with a sort of crispy bite…just a little bit somethin’ somethin’ around the edges.

I can’t quite shake my own preconceived notions:  When I just turned 21, the microbrew scene was really taking off, and it was popular to cram as much hops into any given beer as possible.  As such, I was drawn to these incredibly strong, hoppy flavors.  As I got a little older, that mentality stuck with me as I got into Scotch and wine.  The first Scotch I ever bought was a little pack of Glenfiddich samplers, and I grew to love the hearty pinots and meritage wines.  I never learned to love more subtle types of Scotch, so unfortunately, I can’t actually appreciate JW’s White Walker.  The same applies to Monkey Shoulder, for instance.  They’re both very good whisky, but they don’t punch you right in the face with extreme flavors (which is what I expect of my whisk(e)y).  What I’m trying to get around to is that I enjoyed drinking it, but I have not equipped myself to properly appreciate it.

It’s most definitely a solid whisky, and I’m most definitely going to drink it again.  It’s a little more than Monkey Shoulder, as far as presence and flavor, but it’s also a few bucks more expensive.  If you’re a Game Of Thrones nut and want to buy this as a collectible, go for it!  If you’re a whiskey aficionado, it’s certainly a few bucks more ($40 locally) than comparably flavored whisky, and it may not be worth it for you, unless you’re buying it for collectible value…but that’s not for me to judge.  That’s for you to decide.


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