And just like that, Skate Season is done

Posted: 2019-10-30 in Uncategorized

I think I’ve mentioned this before:  I’m a little superstitious.  The vast majority of my emergency room visits pertaining to skateboarding have come early or late in the season…typically, early spring (February or March) or late fall (November to December).  So, I put a hiatus on skating between November 1 and March 31, or whenever snow shows up in the local forecast in the fall and leaves the forecast in the spring.  That way, I’m assured that I’ll end my season in decent weather.

For instance, I skated last on October 28 with no snow in the forecast, but by yesterday (the 29th) snow showed up in the long-term forecast, and this morning, we actually have snow on the ground.  Earlier in the spring, April 1 hit with snow in the long-term forecast, and we didn’t actually have a day without snow in the forecast (that snow never came) until the 15th or so.

This season was weird – family obligations took up a tremendous deal of our free time.  I took my wife skating on Go Skate Day, where she got down some great techslide maneuvers (techsliding is another rant I want to go on, but not today), which was incredibly cool to watch.

I did a bit of reconfiguring on my setups this year:
I took my Rolling Tree board, set it up on Zombie Lowrider trucks and Cult Ism wheels.  The Lowrider trucks are precisions, and felt harsh AF on hard wheels (Orangatang Onsens).  Oddly enough, the trucks absolutely come to life on soft freeride wheels.

I had set up a Creep Show 8.5″ popsicle stick on Paris 149 Street Trucks, and had it set up on the aforementioned Cult Isms.  But, big wheels (and the Isms aren’t even that big) on a tiny board make it feel like a monster truck.  So, when I did a simple wheel swap (taking the Onsens from the Rolling Tree and putting them onto the Creep Show, doing the opposite with the Isms), both boards felt right.

My Earthwing Hope still sits on the OG Indy 169’s and Slide A’s, and I find myself drawn more and more to dedicated slide boards…I didn’t ride my downhill boards once this season, just the sliders.


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