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Posted: 2020-04-08 in Uncategorized
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I’ve been able to dive headlong into the Venom Skate Podcast, as I made a review of back in November.  It’s addicting!  Episode 1, which I reviewed above, was so engrossing that I had it on in my car…then, I kept on driving around for a long time…then I got home and put on GTA V just to drive around the countryside in the game just to keep listening to the first ‘sode with Roger Hickey.  Episode 2 was a two-parter with Pete Connally, which I didn’t review, but now I’m on Episode 4 (third guest) with Rick Kludy.

I love Zak Maytum’s rapport with his guests, especially in this episode.  You can tell, just from the chemistry, that there’s a lot of mutual respect between Kludy and Maytum.  Kludy’s an OG, who began racing in the late 90’s, and was an “old man” in his 30’s even then.  Gives me hope that I’ll still be able to keep a board under my feet for a good long while.

A few things I learned from this episode:  Nicotine made downhill/longboard wheels – I’d always known them as a freestyle and street brand.  They were made on the East Coast, which I think puts them at Mearthane (as I’m really reaching back to an old list I’d compiled for Silverfish, noting which wheels were manufactured at which facilities).  Kludy confirmed what Hickey suspected in the first episode, that early competitions were almost rigged to put the racers that the sanctioning body wanted, into the races that they wanted them in, regardless of ranking or performance.

I’ve been inspired to take to the messageboards and try to find whatever footage I could from Kludy’s early races.  I rediscovered a segment of Wheelbase Mag, called Camcorder Classics, that covers a TON of old videos like that.  And, I think I have a small gallery of pics of Kludy himself saved on my harddrive, just from collecting pics across the years; especially from doing research into my early-2000’s board collection.

Another podcast that has only just fired up is the Frontside 360 Podcast.  They’ve got a corresponding blog, and a presence on one of the forums I’m still active on.  While the Venom Skate Podcast is nearly entirely geared at showcasing the history of downhill skateboarding/speedboarding/racing, Frontside 360 takes a more mellow approach at things.  But, not too mellow…no dreadlocks, macrame necklaces, and tie-dyed ponchos here.  They totally capture the soul of rolling and turning on a board, and acknowledging the pure feeling of rolling and turning, while still appreciating the difficulties of technical, aerial maneuvers.

Frontside 360 has most definitely inspired me to tweak a couple of my boards to be skated in a ditch – as soon as this quarantine lifts, I’ve got two ditches on my list to go try and skate again.

  1. Bob says:

    As you probably know, David and I started it back up. Working on the blog. For now our libsyn page is our home page.

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