Reflecting on My Skateboard Story

Posted: 2020-04-27 in Uncategorized

I didn’t expect to be able to squeeze 8 entries out of that story!  All that I set out to accomplish was basically tell 3 separate stories:  Pre-skateboarding, college years, and post-college skateboarding and how I’m learning to skate with my old man body.  The wild focus on gear wasn’t what I expected to get into, though I suppose, the sheer amount of gear I’ve owned is as important to my skateboard journey as the friends I’ve made and the good times I’ve had.

I had to go back and edit one of the posts – said something I probably shouldn’t have, and upon reading back upon my older posts, I realized that there are some patterns of general negativity, judgemental behaviors, and juvenile attitudes – to be expected, I suppose, from a blog that was set up to express the frustrations and drudgery of part-time retail work.  But, I hope I can impress upon the readers that it’s not my intention to actively spread negativity.  This is just my own opinions from exploring the world around me.  While I don’t want to go back and edit out all the negativity, I’m striving to remain more and more positive this year.  Seriously, I can furnish a picture of my 2020 New Years’ Resolutions if you want to see that I’m actively trying to better myself.

I’ve addressed this before – I spent a LOT of years with a lot of hate in my heart, and that manifested itself in my refusal to see “outside the box” of a scarce few companies, and made me nearly completely gloss over the biggest skate boom in 20 years.  I try to live a life without regrets, but one of the things I do regret is closing myself off so much.  I was stubborn and bullheaded, and because of my own preconceived notions, couldn’t keep my head on straight and see the forest for the trees.  It was cool to be a diehard fan of certain brands, but I definitely took it too far.

In light of that, please, leave a comment directly (or email me…pretty sure my email address is available on here) if there’s anything misrepresented or factually untrue, and I’ll do my best to correct it.  If anything comes across as too inflammatory or abrasive, let me know as well.

We’re all in this together – both with the skate industry downturn, and with the CoVid-19 economic shenanigans, and I’d love to pledge to my readers, and internet buddies that I’ll do my best to brighten up the corner where I sit.

Thanks, guys!  Please keep on reading, and let me know what you want to read

Peace, love, and powerslides


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