Skatefulness With Dan And Dave

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c’mon, let’s go.

Skatefulness With Dan And Dave is my favorite new skateboard-related podcast!  It centers around Mike Vallely’s brand, Street Plant, and the community involvement associated with the brand and their diehard fans, the Street Plant Battalion.  The coolest part is that, because of their association with the Battalion, they call up and interview one loyal customer per week.

It’s hard to articulate the stoke oozing from my speakers when this podcast is on.  Straight up, you’ve gotta have a quantity of stoke in order to publish a podcast.  Skatefulness is definitely in the same vein as Frontside 360, moreso than The Venom Skate Podcast or The Nine Club.  There’s a lot less insider knowledge required than there is with more specialized content.  I won’t say it’s totally beginner friendly, as there is a little barrier to entry, but Skatefulness is very welcoming and mellow.

It’s right there in the title – a portmanteau of “skate” and “gratefulness.”  Hearing these stories of real skaters, their struggles, and how skateboarding has helped them through dark or hard times exudes a low-key, smoldering hope.  It’s there, it’s tangible, but it’s not in your face.  Through the Mike Vallely interviews featured in the show, I feel like I’ve grown to know the man more than “just” an angry vegan, or the guy fighting off 4 other guys, or the antagonist of Paul Blart Mall Cop.  Mike’s emotions are human, and he expresses them as best as he can.  That’s what the Street Plant brand is about, and that’s what Skatefulness showcases incredibly well.

I’ll be honest – the format is a little dry, and it took me several episodes to fully get into.  But, I’m glad I put in the time to listen, especially after reflecting on my own skate journey here.  This podcast truly inspires joy and inspiration.

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