Decomposed Yoyo Plant Freestyle Board Review

Posted: 2021-02-07 in Gear Reviews

I bought this a few years ago with the intent of learning some flatland freestyle maneuvers; footwork and such to help improve my balance and physical awareness on the board. Decomposed has a great thing going, and they’re super helpful in guiding newbies into what they need to get started.

Longboard Review

How long have you ridden the board

2 years

What is your setup like?

Royal 4.0 Trucks, Speedlab Moonshine Siren wheels, Toy Machine T-Sect bearings, Shake Junt griptape

Typical Session Discipline

Flatland freestyle, dinking around the driveway, mostly 70’s style footwork

How much did you pay?


Where did you purchase it?


What were the strengths of the deck.

Great shape, great construction

What were the weaknesses?

The board was advertised as 7.5″ wide, but actually measures out at a full 7.625″, a full 1/8″ wider, which is where I ran into difficulties in getting a wide enough truck/wheel setup

Similar decks you have ridden?

Capital/East Coast Skates Chessboard, with how wide it is it’s also similar to any of several street decks I’ve ridden

Would you recommend it?


There’s a few oddities with this board – noted above, the width discrepancy. Also, I have no idea what sort of finish or clearcoat is on this board, but I’ve noticed that the griptape peels up, and stickers on the bottom sorta “melt” into the finish, making them difficult to remove.


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