Well, this is unique

Posted: 2021-02-19 in Uncategorized

I wrote a review of the Venom Skate Podcast a few years back, and wrote in there about a “hot take” that the first guest had about the urethane at AEND Industries used to make skateboard wheels. The assertion was that Abec11’s Classic Thane was the same stock formula as what Seismic used – any differences were due to dyes and coloring. I’ll attest to my own experiences that both urethane formulas feel different, though the podcast said otherwise.

Through Teh Intarnetz, the supposition listed in my previous entry landed under the eyes of one Mr. Dan Gesmer, owner of Seismic Skateboard Products. Says Mr. Gesmer, “Absolutely not true. Same factory, but customized formulations that are distinctly different.”

As I’ve stated before, it’s not my aim to stir up shit. It was, but I’ve changed and so has my focus. Life’s too short to hate. I simply found it weird to have gotten a statement directly from a skate industry expert on an incorrect statement I’d written about.

Peace, love, and powerslides


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