CoViD-19 and Skateboarding

Posted: 2021-10-30 in Uncategorized

There’s been a global health crisis for the past 20 months or so, driven by a viral respiratory infection that’s got an alarmingly high mortality rate when compared to things like seasonal influenza. It has led to hospitals and health systems being overwhelmed with patients, and as of this writing, 247,075,178 infections worldwide with 5,009,378 deaths (741,135 in the United States).

There was a call in early 2020 from several movers and shakers in the longboard industry advising skaters to take it easy – the idea being that there’s no need to endanger yourself and get injured, taking resources away from CoVid patients (or exposing yourself to a CoVid infection if you had to be in a medical facility for a skate-related injury).

I’ve been doing my best to respect this call, but that’s unfortunately, come at the expense of my comfort on a board. I was out skating just today, on some very familiar boards, and just couldn’t get comfortable…I feel compelled to exercise and work out over the winter off-season to regain my confidence. Pair in some personal things (my skateboarding tapers off when I’m unemployed, which I’ve spent a *lot* of time as over the past year and a half), and the idea that I’ve been focusing more on golf this year, and the summer has flown past – any days I’ve had free to skate have been poor weather days. That being said, I made an effort to take time to skate on Go Skateboarding Day, rolling around a church parking lot while my dog chased me, and I daydreamed at work about skateboarding (something which I haven’t done for the past 3-4 jobs).

Peace, Love, and powerslides

  1. Bob says:

    I have been very conscious about not getting injured to the point of an ER visit too. Still am.

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