Classic Wheel Diagrams

Posted: 2022-09-18 in Skate Diagrams

Unearthed from the archives at, I’ve found several cutaway diagrams of classic skateboard wheels:

This is the classic Sector9 Nineball shape, seen on many of their OEM completes in the 2000s. As of this writing (September 2022), you can still find these at
The classic Kryptonics 70mm shape. If we take the bearings as 22mm diameter and the spacer at .300″ wide, this should scale up correctly.
These are the Kryptonics Classic K’s that I learned – purely sideset, with that inner bearing smacked up at the inside edge of the wheel
This is the Classic K shape in a centerset hub. I’m really reaching back here, but I think these were in the Kryptonics Hawaii K’s of the late 90s and early 00s.
The icon Road Rider 4s
I’m not gonna lie, I have no idea what these wheels are. Black Twenty-nine Snake Eyes, obviously, but I don’t know anything of their significance or historical value.
An advert from the 70s showing the size differential between many of the most popular wheels of the time. OJ’s were reissued in a near-identical form by Santa Cruz sometime around 2010 or 2011, Yoyos were still being produced a few years ago, but I can’t find them anywhere. The Bones shape lives on at Powell/Peralta. And, the Kryptonics shown here are not the shape in the diagrams above, but are reissued as Kryptnics Star Tracks.

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