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We’ve had a new breed of odd customer in the shop lately.  I’m sure they were there before, but I’ve only just noticed them recently.  They are the perpetual arguer.  They’re more Curiously Clueless than Educated Idiot, but they will very vocally let me know that I’m wrong.

Case #1:  Customer comes in to ask about a Penny board.
He asks which is best (between Penny, Paradise, and Stereo), so I honestly tell him I don’t know, and that you’re really only paying for the brand name.  So then he asks why Penny boards are so much more than Paradise or Stereo…I again give him an honest response in that Penny is the most well known brand.  So he asks me why Penny is the best…so I tell him again, they’re not necessarily the best, they’re just the most well-known.  He asks me which of the three would be best for bombing HUGE hills, so I tell him that I personally wouldn’t do that, the boards are WAY too short and I’d be afraid of wobbling out fairly quickly.  So, he argues back that the small boards are better for carving and he can avoid wobbles.  I point out how narrow the board is, and he says he’ll just get softer bushings.  At this point, I was mostly concerned with him getting footbite (where your shoe slips off the deck and grabs the wheel or the road), but he had a different idea.  A third time he asks what makes the Penny brand better than Stereo or Paradise.  So, I lay it out plainly for him:  Paradise are more generic quality, that’s why they’re the cheapest.  Stereo comes with sunglasses and stickers.  Penny is the biggest brand name.  Otherwise, they’re all rehashed boards from the 70’s that are mostly novelty items.  For a fourth time, he asked me why Penny is better for bombing hills.  I told him again that they’re not necessarily better in any way, and that he would do well to look at a longboard if he wants to bomb hills; there’s a reason they stopped bombing hills on plastic boards in the 1970’s.  He looked at me with a horribly condescending look and told me that he wants to bomb huge hills, and he can carve off wobbles, as he set a Penny and a Paradise board on the floor to check out and stand on.  He eventually left empty-handed.

Case #2:  Customer was something of an Epic Brand Snob.
He looked stoned out of his gourd, and walked in to greet me with a “New guy in the shop, eh?”  He then tells this tale about how his friend bought a Dregs longboard from us, and how he was sorely disappointed in his friend.  This guy ONLY rides Sector9 and everything else is crap.  But, he likes supporting local businesses and doesn’t have a credit card, so he pays cash for everything.  He starts talking about how this Dregs board is terrible compared to his Sector9.  I point out that they’re made in the same factory (Watson laminates or a local-to-them woodshop), have the same trucks (Gullwing Chargers), and the wheels are a similar soy-based formula (something Dregs and S9 offer in certain wheel lines).  He argues some more about how Dregs sucks, then says “Yeah, I know they’re made in the same place.  Dregs just sucks.”  And with that, he left in a huff.

I hope I’m not the complete argumentative idiot here.  I’d hate to think I lost two customers over something so petty.  But, I’m still scratching my head over what exactly these two boys were trying to prove.  Oh well, that’s retail for you.