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If I can briefly pause right here, the following panel is one that I have trouble with.  For 30 years or more, the distance between the innermost bolt holes was known within the skateboard industry as the “wheelbase.”  The technical engineering term “wheelbase” refers to the distance between the center of the wheels.  Problem is, (see the diagram immediately below) different skateboard trucks have their axles located differently in relation to the innermost holes.  Caliber trucks are notorious for “shortening” the wheelbase compared to Paris, Randal, Grizzly, etc.(despite being a similarly-designed RKP truck) which is a perfect example of the idea I’m trying to illustrate…same goes for Bennett, Indy, Tracker, or Element in the TKP world.  I don’t like the word “truckbase,” or the idea that it represents…it’s a word that caters to the lowest common denominator, and dumbs down skateboarding by making up a new (rather meaningless) word that sounds more complicated than it is.WHEELBASE_DIAGRAM


Now that that’s out of the way, let’s dive into shapes, with this handy little diagram from Silverfish:


There’s a lot of crossover between board shapes and purposes…for instance, the Landyachtz Evo is one of the original drop-deck speedboards; though going simply on the silhouette and this diagram, it would likely be lumped in with a “freeride” board.  Don’t overthink things too hard, this is just a general guide.


Thanks to SteveC and MalakaiKingston for assembling these graphics!