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Back Room

Posted: 2012-10-31 in Uncategorized

I don’t know exactly where this mentality comes from…possibly from online sources…but, once in a while, we get a customer in who asks about our “back room.”  The idea is a noble one; that a “core” shop like ours has a secret room stashed floor to ceiling with premium goods:  Precision trucks; rare, obscure, or otherwise exotic boards; secret formula wheels; and space-grade bearings.  The hitch is, we don’t share this room with just regular ol’ customers, it’s something for  just our friends.

Now, back in August, we had a guy flat-out insist that we had some kind of private stash of skate gear that we wouldn’t sell him, and he was getting upset over it.  I mean, yes, we do have storage space…like every other store out there…wherein we keep spare stuff.  But no, it’s not a secret back room full of unobtainable parts.

So what did I do?  I ran with it.  We’ve got blank, generic, unbranded stuff.  I’m not saying our blank stuff is poor quality, quite the opposite.  It’s pretty darn good for being blank.  But, I busted out a box of blank bearings and made a little display thing out of it.  I drew the name of the bearings (“Private Stash Back-Room Bearings!”) on the box and put them in our cabinet, for all the customers to see.  Now, whenever anyone asks me if we have a secret stash of stuff, I just point towards the bearings.

Don’t judge me.  It’s amusing.