Vision 48″ Cruiser

Posted: 2019-03-29 in Gear Reviews, Uncategorized
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this is my first board, and i really like it. i’m glad that this is my first board…not only did i get it at a REALLY good price (orig price was $150, but i got it for $90), and it’s a really great board for learning the tricks of the trade


Longboard Review

How long have you ridden the board

a little over a month

What is your setup like?

Tracker Dart 184’s, RUSH ABEC7 bearings, Gravity SuperG wheels (73mm, 80a), black doh-doh bottom bushings and superballs on top

Typical Session Discipline

Cruising…sometimes carving

How much did you pay?


Where did you purchase it?

Ground Zero, Marquette, MI

What were the strengths of the deck.

Great for all-around riding, quite stiff compared to other boards, not too heavy,

What were the weaknesses?

graphics, while going for the whole vintage thing, are still a little plain. wheelbite due to having no wheel wells at all…and the stiffness makes you really feel the riding surface (don’t know if that’s good or bad)

Similar decks you have ridden?


Would you recommend it?


This is it, ladies and gentlemen!  This was the board that started it all.  My first board ever.  The board that introduced me to the weird world of longboarding.


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